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How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Help Improve Your Smile

Would you like to improve the appearance of your smile? At Dr. Roger Flake's office in Mill Creek, WA, we provide cutting edge cosmetic dentistry services which correct flaws, brighten tooth enamel, straighten crookedness and more. You can love your smile!

Cosmetic dentistry and you

Dr. Roger Flake has spent years preventing, restoring and cosmetically improving all kinds of smiles in the Mill Creek area. Cosmetic dentistry employs both scientific and artistic skills and always includes the patient's specific goals and desires for a new look.

What are your aesthetic goals? Common ways people wish to refresh their smiles include:

  • Repair of chips, cracks, fissures and other structural and surface flaws
  • Removing stains from foods, beverages, cigarettes and prescription drugs
  • Correction of bite, spacing (gaps and crowding) and other dental alignment issues
  • Removing excessive amounts of gum tissue
  • Replacing missing teeth, dark fillings and old crowns and bridges

When you come into the office, you will undergo a thorough oral exam, and then, you and Dr. Flake can discuss how you wish your smile to change. He'll customize your ideas into a realistic, complimentary and achievable plan.

Offered services

Dr. Flake offers these premium cosmetic treatments:

  1. Professional teeth whitening to brighten dull, yellow enamel and remove years of organic stains safely. Our preferred whitening brand is Opalescence which is available in on-the-go, take-home and in-office versions which render spectacular results.
  2. Composite resin bonding to remake flaws such as narrow gaps, uneven size and shape, cracks, pitting and more. This mixture of plastic and glass particles approximates the color, sheen and durability of tooth enamel and produces a lifelike repair in just minutes.
  3. Porcelain crowns to restore deeply decayed, fractured or infected teeth. Lifelike, tooth-shaped caps, crowns cover teeth to the gum line, helping patients steer clear of extractions and tooth fracture.
  4. Invisalign clear aligners, the discreet alternative to metal braces. These customized acrylic appliances move teeth into healthier, more attractive positions without the long treatment times, discomforts or obvious appearance of conventional braces. They are great for adults who never wore braces or have an orthodontic relapse or changes due to maturation, says the American Dental Association (ADA).
  5. Dental implants to replace missing teeth. These titanium devices live right in the jaw bone. They may be restored with porcelain crowns, bridges or even full dentures for optimal chewing, biting, personal appearance and preservation of bone structure.
  6. Porcelain veneers to disguise deep stains, even tooth size, close gaps and more. Thin pieces of high-quality ceramic, veneers are bonded to the front side of selected teeth in the smile zone.

Help is on the way

Just contact Dr. Roger Flake's friendly office team in Mill Creek, WA. Book your cosmetic dentistry consultation, and imagine how your renewed smile will look. Phone (425) 338-2966.

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